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ISP is accredited by the Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges

As such, the School:

  • has undergone a rigorous self-assessment;
  • has been evaluated by a team of experienced professionals;
  • meets high academic and professional standards;
  • is subject to regular visits and monitoring by an external agency.

An accredited school provides further benefits: accredited schools are continually planning future developments and seeking to improve their performance as part of the on-going nature of the evaluation process.

Most Recent Accreditation Report

CIS and NEASC perform a full accreditation visit once every ten years, with a review visit after five years. In May 2012, ISP received its Five Year Accreditation visit from representatives of CIS and NEASC. The team was tasked with reviewing accreditation recommendations made in 2007 as part of the original accreditation visit, as well as determining the level of progress made by the school and identifying any areas that are in need of attention.

The report presents the team’s findings, benchmarked against the 7th edition of the CIS/NEASC accreditation standards. By clicking here, you can find the summary of the report, presented by ISP's Director, Dr. Arnie Bieber, to the School's Trustees in August of 2012.

The accreditation visitors made it clear that ISP has met or exceeded almost all of the goals identified during the initial visit five years ago, with only a few rather minor recommendations. Having completed most of the previous goals from the 7th edition, ISP has been encouraged by the team to focus on the 8th addition of the accreditation standards, in preparation for the next accreditation cycle, to begin in 2017.

Some key quotes from the report:

  • “The school’s mission is alive and thriving integrally to planning and delivering the work of the school.”
  • “The high level of parental satisfaction with their children’s education at ISP.”
  • “The positive and harmonious relationships amongst and between all parts of the ISP community.”
  • “The visitors were impressed with the eloquence and confidence shown by the students, who demonstrated frankness and integrity in their conversations.”
  • “The communication throughout the school at all levels is excellent.”
  • “The unity of purpose and positive relationships are palpable.”
  • “A highly dedicated and professional attitude of the staff and faculty.”
  • “IT provides rich technology resources for the ISP community.”
  • “The Visitors were impressed with the use of space in the school (now everything is better connected and movement ‘flows’), its beautiful educational facilities, and its rich resources to help the school community meet its Philosophy and Objectives.”
  • “The Visitors commend all those concerned with the attention paid to trying to create as environmentally friendly a facility as possible.”
  • “The budgeting process in the school is clearly defined and transparent. The school is well provisioned in all areas.”
  • “The Board of Trustees is clear in the members’ roles and responsibilities.”
  • “The board are commended by the Visitors for their long term vision and vigilant dedication to continual improvements for ISP.”


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