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Learning Support

Learning Support is part of the instructional continuum of services and programs provided by ISP to meet the diverse learning needs of its students.  

The Mission of Learning Support at ISP is to advocate for and support students, teachers, and parents in the provision of differentiated programs, to ensure that everyone is included, challenged - and successful.


We believe that all students should have equal access to learning opportunities

The Learning Support Team at ISP:

• Believe that all students have a unique learning profile.
• Use a flexible range of developmentally appropriate strategies to meet diverse learning needs.
• Support both formally and informally identified students.
 Collaborate in finding ways to best meet children's needs.
• Monitor student progress and performance.
• Support learners in the classroom and small group settings.

Scope of Service

At the International School of Prague, we are able to support students with a Mild Learning Difficulty (MLD). A student identified as having a MLD is expected to function within the regular classroom, focusing on the same learning outcomes given appropriate accommodations in the way the material is presented and/or to the way in which the student demonstrates learning.

At ISP, we can support students with Mild Learning Disabilities by providing:

  • Pull out services in a small setting
  • In class support
  • Curricular accommodations
  • Instruction in study skills
  • Teacher and parent consultation
  • Cooperation with external specialists
  • Accommodation for standardised testing
  • Self-advocacy and self-awareness training
Please note: The following services, while not available at ISP, can potentially be obtained privately in the Prague area:
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Fine, gross and sensory motor therapy
  • Emotional therapy
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