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English as an Additional Language


English is the main language of our teaching and learning. While supporting the social language of our students, we focus on the systematic development of academic or “school” language.

Your child’s home language is an integral part of his or her identity. It is also important for learning and a prerequisite for academic and social success and the acquisition of English. We value each student’s linguistic and cultural background and encourage students to continue developing their home language.


Approximately 80% of ISP students are not native speakers of English. Students with home languages other than English are assessed when they enter ISP. The assessment covers English listening, speaking, reading and writing. The results determine students’ placement in our EAL program. Students may move to a higher-level EAL class or exit the program at any time of the year.


EAL students remain in their mainstream (e.g. science, maths, literature) classrooms as much as possible. The students are provided language support both inside and outside of the mainstream environment. EAL support is based on individual need and English language proficiency and support decreases as individual student language development increases. To further improve English language development, EAL students are encouraged to participate in social activities (sports, arts, and other after-school activities) offered at ISP throughout the year.


Our highly qualified, multi-lingual, multi-cultural EAL faculty strives to create the best possible language-learning experience for each EAL student. EAL teachers collaborate regularly with classroom teachers and have a clear understanding of individual student needs and goals.

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