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The ISP Curriculum

Welcome to Learning@ISP, where we believe that we are all life-long learners striving to collaboratively meet our Mission. Given this belief, we strategically research and develop student, faculty, staff, and parent learning through the year.

Student Learning

ISP has an articulated, mission-driven PK-12 curriculum, rooted in inquiry where learners are involved in posing and investigating questions. Our learning program offers students the life-long understandings and skills that enable them to be successful at ISP, and in their educational and professional pursuits in the future. For more details, please visit our community portal for yearly overviews.

Our curriculum research and development is based on the following premises:

  • The curriculum development process is ongoing and forward looking.
  • Primary evidence of an effective curriculum will be student-learning evidence.
  • Transfer is the primary learning goal of the ISP curriculum.
  • ISP uses backwards planning when developing units of study.
In planning grade level or course level units we follow these steps:
1. Identify key understandings and skills we want learners to understand and be able to apply. 
2. Determine how we will know to what extent students have learned these understandings and skills.
3 Design the learning plan (classroom activities and resources).

We empower students to develop the key competencies within a particular discipline. These are described through the standards and benchmarks, which encompass the essential skills learners need to be an effective and engaged learner and practitioner.

Teachers use assessments as an integral part of planning, teaching and learning, and these are designed to meet the needs of a diverse community of learners. Learning at ISP is promoted through varied, engaging and authentic assessments.

For more information concerning our curriculum, please contact:
Teresa Belisle
Director of Learning Research and Development


To view the ISP Curriculum in Czech please click HERE.

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