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After School Activities

Elementary School After School Activities

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays we offer a wide range of after school activities for Grades 1-5 each lasting between 9 and 10 weeks.

The activities offered at ISP are structured, challenging and rewarding - tailored to meet individual needs and contribute towards their physical/mental development and social wellbeing.

The benefits for students include opportunities to:
- increase their participation in physical activity and improve fitness levels
- further the knowledge, understanding and skills developed within curriculum time
- try out activities not included within the curriculum
- begin to specialise in specific activities
- make independent choices and decisions about their participation
- become involved in the organisation, management and leadership of activities
- take part in activities for a variety of different reasons (e.g. for recreation, fun, competition, social)
- socialise with pupils from different classes/grades and make new friends

The benefits for ISP include:
- contributing to whole school improvements including improved behaviour, commitment and attitudes of students
- involving and increasing the participation levels of all members of the school community (staff, aides, parents, older students and outside agencies)
- establishing links with the community drawing on and sharing knowledge, skills, expertise and resources

The new Intra-Mural Competition Programme being introduced this year is there to complement, enhance and extend physical activity opportunities
provided within the curriculum and through lunchtime activities.

If you have any suggestions or would like to discuss any part of the programme, then please feel free to contact me via e-mail tchoudhury@isp.cz or drop in to see me in Room 77 between the hours of 3.00pm and 3.50pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please be aware that the sign-up process will be on-line from this academic year reducing the need to print and waste paper.

Click here for sign up information.

Tarique Choudhury

Upper Elementary PE Teacher and After School Activities Co-ordinator

Middle School After School Activities

There are a number of after-school activities available at the Middle School level, including intramural and interscholastic sports, clubs, cultural exchanges, academic competitions, student government and other student-led organizations. Every attempt is made to coordinate the schedules of all activity groups to allow students to experience as many activities as possible. Parental guidance is important in helping students decide how to balance sport and club participation with academics, family life, and special interests such as music lessons and engagements in the community. Please see the Student Life section for specific information on classes offered each trimester.

Upper School After School Activities

In the Upper School many co-curricular activities provide opportunities and environments where students can learn skills and grow personally. We encourage all students to participate in areas such as student government, sports, music, art, drama and community affairs. Parental guidance is important as students learn how to balance sport and club participation with academics, family life and special interests such as music lessons.

The activities offered are dependent on what current students want, as well as what our teachers and the community is able to offer. Currently, there are clubs or activities in such areas as:
  • chorus
  • guitar
  • band
  • school newspaper
  • student government
  • National Honor Society
  • global issues
  • community service
  • speech and debate
  • math team
  • Model United Nations
  • drama.

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