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Middle School (Grades 6 - 8)

(česká verze)

The Middle School program has been developed to meet the needs, talents and interests of the young adolescent.

At ISP we believe that despite the stressors of physical change and uncertainties associated with this age group, the middle school years can be the most exciting and productive of a child’s academic career. We encourage the energy, enthusiasm and natural curiosity of emerging adolescents, while providing the guidance and structure they need to broaden their knowledge and comprehension – a process that empowers them to take responsibility for their own learning.

The curriculum followed at ISP is drawn from best practice around the world and combines a carefully structured approach to basic skills development with a dynamic and creative approach to learning.  In each of the subject areas (please see the links below for more information) learners develop key skills that are ‘authentic and connected’, giving them opportunities to apply knowledge and skills in ‘real world’ contexts where they can act like a scientist, think like a historian or problem-solve like a mathematician.   

In addition to traditional curriculum areas, there are many projects that cross the disciplines and engage students actively in posing meaningful questions, exploring answers and integrating the skills and understandings from the various subject areas.

Our generous staffing levels enable us to provide structured support for all students and to provide challenge at all levels.  We foster the growth and development of our students beyond the purely academic through our innovative advisory program and through a focus on learning habits and social skills.  We place high value on self-awareness, reflection and collaborative skills and give students feedback in these areas alongside their academic progress.


Danielle Fredericks
Middle School Principal

Please visit the links below to learn more about the ISP Middle School. 

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