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Inspire learners to lead healthy, fulfilling and purposeful lives, preparing them to adapt and contribute responsibly to our changing world.

Inspire Learners: Learning at ISP is a dynamic and stimulating process, where students experience the joy and excitement of inquiry, exploration and personal growth.

Healthy: Caring for our physical and emotional well-being enables us to lead balanced lives in work and in play, with the goal of developing a sound mind, body and spirit.

Fulfilling: As we gain awareness of who we are as individuals, we learn to recognize and appreciate what we find satisfying, rewarding and gratifying in our lives.

Purposeful: In developing a deep impulse and capacity for life-long learning, we learn to make considered choices and work towards meaningful goals, which provide direction, focus and purpose to our lives.

Adapt and contribute responsibly to our changing world: Developing essential skills and competencies enable us to evaluate the shifting circumstances we encounter, take calculated risks and adapt well to change. Our core values guide us to make responsible choices and actively support the needs of our local and global communities.

Engages a diverse community in an authentic global education, within a nurturing student-centered environment.

Engage a diverse community in an authentic global education: Teaching and learning at ISP is an enjoyable, thought provoking and dynamic process, which allows students to make meaningful and relevant connections. Learners are given the opportunity to experience and apply "real world" knowledge and skills from a variety of disciplines. In other words instead of simply learning about the subject, students have the opportunity to "do" the discipline as a practitioner (historian, artist, mathematician…) would.

Nurturing student-centered environment: Our students receive strong academic, social and emotional support in a safe and caring environment, where the learning styles and needs of each learner are effectively supported.

Empower Learners to: Think Critically and Creatively, Work Cooperatively and Independently, Listen and Communicate effectively, Act with Compassion, Integrity, Respect and Inter-cultural Understanding

Think Critically and Creatively: The ability to draw on our own judgment and observational skills as well as thinking "out of the box," using alternative approaches to solve problems and envision and develop new ideas.

Work Cooperatively and Independently: Use a variety of interpersonal skills to engage peers in productive collaborative work, while retaining the capacity to create, based on one’s own abilities.

Listen and Communicate Effectively: Actively listen, appreciate and understand the views and perspectives of others, and clearly express one’s self in different modes and circumstances.

Act: It is through our actions that our values are revealed and actualized.

Compassion: Empathize with others’ circumstances and feelings and treat others with sensitivity, kindness and generosity.

Integrity: Act ethically, morally, responsibly, conscientiously and honestly.

Respect: Treat everyone, including oneself, with dignity.

Intercultural Understanding: Valuing and understanding the perspective and origins of other people by actively engaging with their language, culture and history.

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